Cricket FAQs

To an outsider, cricket can seem a confusing game - but it’s really not, and we’re here to help. We’re passionate about getting more people into cricket, so we have created this Cricket FAQ guide to help beginners learn all they need to know about this summer sport. From the real basics to the essential knowledge for anybody watching cricket, plus an all-important jargon buster, this guide will make you a cricketing expert in no time!

Cricket Explained

Cricket can be a bit complicated if you’re new to it, so have a read of our Cricket Explained section to get all the info you need to get into the game. From the origins of cricket to the basics of the game itself, this guide has it all.

Cricket Jargon Buster

There is some truly baffling jargon used in cricket, so we’re making it easier to understand with our Cricket Jargon Buster which will make everything the commentator is saying a lot clearer!